Thursday, August 23, 2012

Overfeeding Babies and Juveniles

Overfeeding Babies & Juveniles

Overfeeding baby and juvenile bearded dragons causes paralysis in the hind quarters and is usually fatal. It results from the pressure of the food bolus on the spinal nerves. Therefore, do not overfeed the young lizards and do not give them insects that are too large. Remember, no food should be larger than the space between their eyes.

And, also be conscious of the outer surface of the food you are feeding juveniles.  If it is too hard or crunchy such as a 'shell' then they might not be able to adequately chew it and will swallow too large a piece.

Also, always be aware of the temperature of the food you are giving your juveniles and ensure that it is not too cold or too hot.  Cold food will not digest properly thereby making them susceptible to a food bolus developing.

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