Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Amateur Night at the Bearded Dragon Clubhouse

Fooling around in "Dragon sites"  brought up this very clever song
~ jude ~, (MiLadyDragonn)

"Dragons in the Sun" to the tune of "Strangers in the Night

Dragons in the sun
Exchanging glances
Basking in the sun What were the chances
We'd be sharing tanks
Before the day was through?

Something in that wave
Was so inviting.
That even my slave
Saw it exciting
I felt my beard go black
And knew it must be true.

**Dragons in the sun
Two lonely beardies
We were Dragons in the sun
up to the moment
when I first bobbed my head,
rejection, did I dread..
As you did push-ups , Oh so slow
I bobbed back and now we know.

Ever since that day,
We've been together.
I asked you if I may
You said "whatever!"
Now the deed is done
for Dragons in the sun!

**Dragons in the sun
Now you're a "digger"
We were dragons in the sun
You're so much bigger!
Now you have no time for me
I wonder what will be
Once you lay your eggs without me
You won't even care about me

Our slave has other plans
and is selective
My fate is in those hands
but it's effective
I get to have more fun
Sweet Dragon in the sun!!

doobee doobee doo
doobee dahhhh!!


Source:  Tosneys Dragon Poems.

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