Since the first post on the amazing two-headed bearded dragon was so popular I decided to see how they were getting along.....Famously!!  Not only are they surviving and adapting well to their partnership but they have become a bit a a "celeb"  particularly at their birthday party.  They recently celebrated their second birthday and as usual it was with exciting festivities that captured the interest of their community.  I will continue to post updates on this amazing 'couple' as time marches on.  Glad that you all have enjoyed this post!

 Two years ago, when Todd Ray first got Pancho and Lefty -- his two-headed, six-legged bearded dragon -- the pet wasn't expected to survive long.
"People told me they wouldn't last two weeks," said Ray, who, according to Guinness World Records, owns the world's largest collection of two-headed animals. "But I believe only one other pair has lived longer."
That's cause for celebration for Ray, who is throwing a birthday party for his double-headed reptiles on July 7 at the Venice Beach Freakshow, where he displays much of his collection.
Holding a birthday party for reptiles might seem strange, but this is actually the second year in a row that Ray has celebrated Pancho and Lefty's birthday.

Two-headed Bearded Dragon Celebrates Second Birthday
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Todd Ray, who is recognized by Guinness World Records as having the largest collection of two-headed animals, is celebrating the second birthday of Pancho and Lefty, a two-headed, six-legged bearded dragon on July 7 in Venice Beach, Calf.
Last year, for their birthday, he had a gala event that included a mariachi band performing “Happy Birthday,” and a sword swallowing performance.
Oh, and a specially-designed pinata made to look like Pancho and Lefty, but filled with candy, not the wax worms they love most.
It turned out to be such a big hit that Ray decided to do it again.
"At the end of the show, I held up Pancho and Lefty so the crowd could see them and you would have thought that it was Lady Gaga surrounded by paparazzi because there were hundreds of cameras.
The mariachi band will be back as well as the pinata.
"I put a trap door in it so I could release the candy without breaking it," Ray explained. In addition, there will be an appearance by Amazing Allie, who Ray says is the littlest lady in Los Angeles and Larry "Wolf Boy" Gomez, an acrobat known for his extreme hairiness.
"The human [anomamilies] have an appreciation for the freaks in the animal world," Ray said. "When you get down to it, this is a planet of freaks and we're celebrating it."

Two-headed Bearded Dragon Pinata