Saturday, September 1, 2012

More Dragon Love

This video is really about Love for your Bearded Dragon and the bearded dragon reciprocating.  A really cute video!

Uploaded by on Nov 3, 2011
This is Steve-O, he is my beloved bearded dragon. Every night we snuggle until he falls asleep, then he is tucked into bed. Every morning he waits for me to uncover him to wake him up. It has been the same ritual for 2 years now, ever since he was a baby (see my other videos to see me waking him up as a baby).
After I wake him up, I love on him and talk to him, then his light is turned on and I place him under his heat light on the other side of his tank (the red glowing light). He sits under it while I eat breakfast. When I finish, I prepare his breakfast. His breakfast on this morning consisted of dandelion greens and superworms. On this particular morning he was not really hungry, witch is no problem, he will have some snacks when I get home from my classes.
This video really shows how Steve-O is not food driven and enjoys human company. He is my baby and I love him more than any other pet I have ever owned. He is one of the family and my mother even makes him pillows, blankets and calls him her grandlizard lol
I hope you all enjoy this video and see how great a bearded dragon can be as a pet. I will post more videos of Steve just being himself so subscribe if you want to see more!

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