Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Amazing Color Variations

Here are some amazing color variations I found on this site.  ENJOY

 Dachiu Bearded Dragon Pictures - Photo Gallery 1

Welcome to our Bearded Dragon Photo Gallery 1. All of the pictures below were taken before 2000.

** All the pictures below were taken by Robert Dachiu Jr. unless otherwise noted. The pictures may be used freely, but please do not represent them as your animals or pictures. Please place credit to Rob. It would also be appreciated if you post them publicly, if you would just drop us a link. Thank you and enjoy.

http://www.dachiu.com/gallery/hypo3.jpgHypoX Red Dragon

http://www.dachiu.com/gallery/y.jpgYellow Red Desert
 http://www.dachiu.com/gallery/y1.jpgYellow and Lavender
 http://www.dachiu.com/gallery/ytangerine1.jpgYellow Tangerine
 http://www.dachiu.com/gallery/6msunburst.jpgSandfire Sunburst
http://www.dachiu.com/gallery/leather1.jpg  http://www.dachiu.com/gallery/csand1.jpgOrange Red Sandfire

http://www.dachiu.com/gallery/group.jpgMixed Batch

Go to their site to see other color variations.  http://www.dachiu.com/availabledragons.html?

These dragons are from their initial breeding stock and have all been retired but go to their site to see even greater color variations and very reasonable prices.  (No, I am not working on commission, I just really thought these beardies were beautiful and reasonably prices vs the store variety.)

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