Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cute Beardie Joke

A koala bear was up in a tree smoking a joint when a bearded dragon walked by and saw the koala bear.... "what are you doing up there koala bear" asked the bearded dragon "Im smoking a joint man..why dont you come up here and get high with me" said the koala bear. so the little beardie climbed up the tree and him and the koala bear sat there for hours just rolling and smoking joints for hours then the beardie said "man im thirsty, im gunna go get something to drink'' so the bearded dragon walked to the water hole and started chuggin water but because he was ungodly high he lost his balance and fell in.....seeing all this a crocodile swam up and asked the beardie whats going on and the beardie replied "i was smoking weed with the koala and i got so high that i cant stand up and drink" so the crocodile walked to the tree to check it out, when the crocodile got to the tree he yelled up to koala and said ''hey man whats up'' and the koala said...."shit dude,how much water did you drink.. on Bearded Dragon Jokes

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